Welcome to WeCoin

WeCoin is designed as a versatile cryptocurrency token that functions in various capacities within the Weset platform. Our unique ecosystem propels the utility of WeCoin, enhancing its value and utility beyond typical cryptocurrencies.

WeCoin is more than just a token, it's an integral part of the Weset ecosystem, facilitating various functions

Payment for goods and services

Staking for discounts and exclusive access

Rewards for Staking & Liquidity providers

Governance & voting on Weset roadmap


$WECO holders can stake for rewards (LP) and voting power. 

$WECO holders may also use the coin for NFT purchases or trade the coin with an automated market maker (AMM). Liquidity is provided through NFT purchases and the Weset Treasury. 

The decentralization of the project will be structured in 3 stages as follows:

  1. Early days – during this period, the team is in full control of the project, and no voting is done. This is because there will be bugs and events which require immediate hotfixes, and this is better managed centrally.
  1. Semi-decentralisation – during this period, the team is still in complete control of the project and can deploy hotfixes same as above, but for the non-urgent decision, it can take community input via a forum or even via off-chain voting like a snapshot – https://snapshot.page/
  1. Full decentralisation – where the project will implement a process following industry best practices, as defined further below.


Token Sale

Be a part of our thriving crypto community. Purchase WeCoin today and follow its journey in real-time through our detailed charts.