NFT Real Estate

Tokenizing the global Real Estate market for the Crypto Community

Weset maximizes blockchain and crypto technology to make global real estate more accessible, affordable, and liquid.

As Physical as Digital

By tokenizing real estate, Weset provides access to an asset class that has traditionally been dominated by high-net-worth investors.

Asset digitization is the key to a decentralized future. Blockchain technology makes all of this possible through smart contracts, crypto, and NFTs.

How it works

The NFT represents the exclusive usage of the property for a given time period

Connect to the network through Metamask, Binance Wallet, or Walletconnect.

The NFTs are valid for a 30 year period. Weset also offers a single NFT for 99 years of exclusive usage. 

The usage of the properties is divided into weeks or years. Holders can buy one NFT or more.

Use the property for leisure or to generate income. NFT owners can rent, sell, or swap at any time.

All transactions are peer-to-peer on the blockchain. This significantly reduces risk, cost, and bureaucracy.

Start using wecoin to buy properties.

Start using wecoin to buy properties.