Weset is an award-winning fintech and tokenization company

Join the revolution in real estate. Weset is opening dynamic and global markets for property owners through tokenization, while offering token holders endless possibilities to build global real estate portfolios and passive income. 

Luxury Real Estate Made Affordable

Unlock the world of luxury real estate with affordable fractions. Own a share of prestigious properties starting from just $100. Experience unparalleled value and investment opportunities.

Global Real Estate Markets

Tokenize your property and unlock a global network of investors and community participants. Attract investment from around the world, creating new opportunities and fostering a diverse community of stakeholders.

Customize and Innovate

Tokenize your property and unlock endless possibilities to create unique products and offerings tailored to your business needs and the preferences of your global community. Innovate, experiment, and explore new ways to maximize the value of your property in the digital era.

The Weset team!

Nadim Ali Modad

Founder & CEO

Mauricio Leal


Juan Rodrigo Menéndez

Co-founder & Advisor

Geoffrey Turnbull


Guillermo Delgado


Abraham Ruiz

Graphic Designer

Erik Faz

Web Developer


Solidity Developer

Single Staking (August 8)
Staking Phase 1
$WECO Hodlers can stake their tokens for rewards.
Single Staking (August 8)
Collection Launch (September 2023)
MadreXelva Glamping
• Weset’s first client will launch 2 collections to participate in their world class glamping venue in the Riviera Maya.
• The first use case for Blockchain as a Service platform.
Collection Launch (September 2023)
Multi-token Staking (Liquidity Providing)
Staking Phase 2
$WECO holders can stake their tokens to gain yield, while at the same time adding liquidity to the $WECO market.
Multi-token Staking (Liquidity Providing)
(Fall 2023)
Weset Asset Expansion
The entire Weset ecosystem comes together, showcasing the value of the entire ecosystem and the future of tokenized RWA
(Fall 2023)
(Fall 2023-Winter 2024)
Major on-boarding phase
• Continue to onboard a variety of clients, showcasing Weset.app’s global and scalable ecosystem.
• Offer Weset community an unparalleled exposure to global fractionalized asset classes.
• “From tequila to healthcare”
(Fall 2023-Winter 2024)
(Early 2024)
$WECO Rewards
Build value for $WECO hodlers based on community values.
(Early 2024)
(Early 2024)
Secondary Market Place
Add liquidity and flexibility for Weset digital asset holders.
(Early 2024)
NFT Rental Market
Single token real estate NFTs for rent.

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