Caution Regarding Forward-looking Statements

This whitepaper contains forward-looking statements or information (collectively forward-looking statements”) that relate to Wesets current expectations and views of future events. In some cases, these forward-looking statements can be identified by words or phrases such as may”, will”, expect”, anticipate”, aim”, estimate”, intend”, plan”, seek”, believe”, potential”, continue”, is/are likely to” or the negative of these terms, or other similar expressions intended to identify forward-looking statements. 

Weset has based these forward-looking statements on its current expectations and projections about future events and financial trends that it believes may affect its financial condition, results of operations, business strategy, financial needs, or the results of the token sale or the value or price stability of Weset (WECOIN) Tokens. 

In addition to statements relating to the matters set out here, this whitepaper contains forward-looking statements related to Weset´s proposed operating model. The model speaks to its objectives only, and is not a forecast, projection or prediction of future results of operations. 

Forward-looking statements are based on certain assumptions and analysis made by Weset in light of its experience and perception of historical trends, current conditions and expected future developments and other factors it believes are appropriate and are subject to risks and uncertainties. Although the forward-looking statements contained in this whitepaper are based upon what Weset believes are reasonable assumptions, these risks, uncertainties, assumptions, and other factors could cause Wesets actual results, performance, achievements, and experience to differ materially from its expectations which are expressed, implied, or perceived in forward-looking statements. Given such risks, prospective participants in this token sale should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

The Weset White Paper outlines the Weset ecosystem, designed to revolutionize asset tokenization by providing a secure, transparent, trusted, scalable, and customizable platform. Weset empowers asset owners and NFT holders through a comprehensive range of services and offerings, underpinned by cutting-edge technology and rigorous regulatory compliance. Weset’s native cryptocurrency, $WECO, backed by Real World Assets (RWAs), serves as a core component, offering benefits and possibilities within our ecosystem. Security, trust, and transparency are paramount, ensuring a reliable and user-friendly experience.


Welcome to Weset – Where Real-World Assets Transform into Limitless Opportunities. 

Weset is pioneering a groundbreaking platform that unlocks the latent potential of tangible assets through the transformative power of blockchain technology. 

The Weset mission is crystal clear: to build a scalable, user-friendly, and legally compliant ecosystem that empowers asset owners across the globe to capture and share the inherent value of any asset. 

On the demand/retail side, Weset aims to democratize investment opportunities, making investment or utility in a diverse array of assets, including real estate, vehicles, art, and more, accessible, affordable, liquid, secure, and fully compliant with legal regulations.

The Weset Vision

The vision revolves around crafting exceptional user experiences that forge enduring investment relationships within the digital economy and the Web3 community. Weset envisions a future where asset owners and their token holders foster thriving, long-term connections that drive growth and prosperity for all. Weset’s robust ecosystem will make Weset.app the global leader for tokenized real-world assets (RWA).

Unlocking the Power of Your Assets

Elevating tangible assets into digital tokens through Weset’s cutting-edge platform opens doors to a borderless marketplace. Here, global accessibility and fractional ownership become the norm, setting the stage for unparalleled investment opportunities. Weset prioritizes regulatory compliance, security, and scalability for both asset owners and token holders, while our robust user experience systems inspire confidence, streamline management, and fuel the sustained growth of your investment community. With Weset, you can effortlessly unlock the full value of your assets and cultivate a global community and network of enthusiastic investors.

Unlock a New Era of Investment Opportunities

Within the Weset ecosystem, NFT holders open the door to secure, affordable, and transparent access to a diverse range of global assets. The Weset platform empowers frictionless, cost-effective, and liquid investment options across various asset classes. Moreover, Weset prioritize regulatory clarity, operating under El Salvador’s Licencia de Proveedor de Servicios Bitcoin (licensing process is underway). This robust legal framework ensures that the token holder journey is not only secure and compliant but also marked by confidence and peace of mind. Weset is at the forefront of shaping regulatory developments in tokenization and digital assets, advocating for the fair recognition of this innovative sector in regional and global regulations.

A Distinguished Platform

Weset is proud to announce that it has been honored with the PropTech Latam 2023 award for the best fintech solution application to real estate. This accolade reflects Weset’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of asset tokenization.

Succesfully completed FI batch Mexico 2023

PropTech Latam 2023 award for best fintech solution application to real estate.

Bitcoin Services Provider license

Problems and Solutions

In the rapidly evolving landscape of real-world asset tokenization, challenges and obstacles often stand in the way of seamless and efficient transactions. In this section, we identify key issues faced by both asset owners and investors and present innovative solutions to these challenges. It’s important to note that Weset’s solutions are discussed in further detail throughout the whitepaper in their corresponding sections, providing a comprehensive understanding of how Weset addresses these critical concerns.

A. Challenges for Asset Owners

Asset owners are at the forefront of the RWA tokenization movement, but they encounter several challenges on this transformative journey:

Problem 3.1: Illiquid Assets

Many asset owners find themselves bound by the inherent illiquidity of their investments. Real estate, art, and other tangible assets, while valuable, often tie up significant capital for extended periods. This poses difficulties when owners seek to access funds for other opportunities or emergencies.

Weset Solution 3.1: Liquidity Through Tokenization

Weset’s solution to the challenge of illiquid assets is straightforward: tokenization. By converting real-world assets into digital tokens, asset owners gain liquidity. These tokens can be traded on digital asset marketplaces, enabling owners to access funds quickly and efficiently. When the asset is fractionalized and tokenized, it becomes affordable and accessible to a global online market.

Problem 3.2: Traditional Capital-Raising Complexity

In the traditional world of asset ownership, capital-raising involved a labyrinth of centralized, complicated, and bureaucratic procedures. Asset owners seeking investment had to navigate the complexities of forming legal entities, conducting private placements, complying with securities laws, and managing administrative overhead. This convoluted process often deterred asset owners from unlocking the full potential of their holdings.

Weeset Solution 3.2: Streamlined Capital Raising with Blockchain

Weset’s blockchain-based asset tokenization solution eliminates the need for centralized, complex, and costly capital-raising procedures. Through the Weset platform, asset owners can seamlessly tokenize their holdings, representing ownership as digital tokens on the blockchain. This streamlined approach democratizes access to investment opportunities, breaking down barriers that once hindered capital formation.

Asset owners can now attract investors and raise capital efficiently, without the need for extensive legal documentation, securities compliance, or intermediaries. The blockchain’s transparency and automation provide a secure and auditable way to connect with a global pool of potential investors. Weset’s solution revolutionizes the capital-raising landscape, offering asset owners a more accessible, customizable, and efficient path to funding their ventures.

Problem 3.3: Complex Legal Procedures

Asset owners face the challenge of navigating complex legal procedures when considering asset tokenization. These procedures include ensuring compliance with jurisdiction-specific regulations, drafting and executing smart contracts, and securely managing ownership records on the blockchain. The intricacies of these processes can be daunting and time-consuming, potentially discouraging asset owners from fully embracing tokenization.

Weset Solution 3.3: Streamlined Legal Compliance with El Salvador's Licencia de Proveedor de Servicios Bitcoin (In process to be obtained)

Weset streamlines the legal compliance process for asset owners by leveraging its Digital Assets Service Provider license issued by the El Salvador National Commission of Digital Assets (The Commission). All asset collections on the Weset platform are launched through our license, ensuring the highest level of regulatory approval. This approval is recognized as one of the most globally advanced and respected in the digital asset regulatory landscape. With the Weset license already in place, asset owners benefit from a simplified tokenization process. Weset requires only basic documentation from the asset owner, as we have already undertaken the complex legal work on behalf of clients. This approach saves time, reduces complexity, and enhances the accessibility of tokenization for asset owners. Detailed legal information is further explored in the dedicated legal section of this White Paper.

Problem 3.4: Limited Access to Global Markets

Traditional markets for big-ticket and illiquid assets frequently restrict participation to local buyers, limiting asset owners’ ability to tap into broader, global markets. This limitation arises from a lack of familiarity with foreign markets, the intricacies of legal processes, and the opacity of cross-border transactions.

Weset Solution 3.4: Global Reach Through Blockchain

Weset’s blockchain-based platform breaks down geographical barriers. Asset owners can reach a global audience of potential investors, expanding the market for their tokenized assets. The Weset platform provides the infrastructure and support needed to navigate international markets confidently.

Problem 3.5: Security Concerns

Entrusting valuable assets to digital tokens necessitates robust security measures. Asset owners must guard against potential cyber threats, fraud, and unauthorized access to their tokenized assets, making cybersecurity a top priority.

Weset Solution 3.5: Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures

Weset places a strong emphasis on cybersecurity. Weset employs advanced security protocols, encryption, and monitoring to protect digital assets. Weset’s comprehensive security measures ensure that tokenized assets remain safe and secure, providing asset owners with peace of mind.

Problem 3.6: High Transaction Costs

Conventional asset transactions come with significant expenses, including legal fees, administrative costs, and intermediary charges. These financial burdens can erode an owner’s returns and act as a deterrent to participation in tokenization.

Weset Solution 3.6: Cost Efficiency

Weset’s blockchain tokenization process significantly reduces transaction costs. By eliminating intermediaries and automating many processes, Weset make asset tokenization more cost-effective for owners. This enhances the overall return on investment for asset owners.

Problem 3.7: Complex Tokenization Process

Many asset owners lack the knowledge and resources required to navigate the tokenization process effectively. They face challenges in understanding the intricacies of blockchain technology, ensuring legal compliance, and building a sustainable community of token holders.

Weset Solution 3.7: Expert Guidance and Support

Weset offers expert guidance and support throughout the tokenization journey. Our team assists asset owners in every step, from initial consultation to regulatory compliance and community-building. Weset provides the knowledge and resources needed to succeed in the world of asset tokenization.

Problem 3.8: Lack of User Experience

Once an asset has been tokenized, the asset owner and the NFT holder have entered into long-term partnership. Without adequate web3 infrastructure to manage payouts and information, the user experience will suffer and the community may lose support for the project.

Weset Solution 3.8: User Experience Infrastructure

When assets are tokenized on the Weset platform, the asset owner and the NFT holders are both supported by robust and reliable dashboard infrastructure. This web3 infrastructure is customizable and allows asset owners to easily receive data on their project and easily communicate and share payouts with their community in order to ensure long-term success.

B. Challenges for RWA Investors

Investors who look for exposure to RWAs either through legacy structures or tokenization encounter their unique set of challenges:

Problem 3.9: Lack of Accessibility

Potential investors often encounter entry barriers into the world of RWA. High minimum investment requirements, complex user interfaces, bureaucracy, and unfamiliarity with blockchain technology can make participation in RWA markets challenging.

Weset Solution 3.9: Accessibility and User-Friendly Interfaces

Weset’s platform is designed with accessibility in mind. The platform offers user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for investors, regardless of their level of blockchain knowledge, to participate. Additionally, the Weset platform allows fractional ownership, reducing the barrier of high minimum investment requirements.

Problem 3.10: Regulatory Uncertainty

RWA investors grapple with regulatory ambiguity as digital asset legislation continues to evolve. Investing in the space becomes much riskier when there is a lack of regulatory framework and security.

Weset Solution 3.10: Regulatory Compliance with El Salvador's Licencia de Proveedor de Servicios Bitcoin (licensing process is underway)

Weset ensures regulatory compliance by launching all token collections under its Digital Assets Service Provider license issued by the El Salvador National Commission of Digital Assets (The Commission). This provides investors with the confidence that tokenized projects meet the highest standards of legality and authenticity since all projects are rigorously vetted by the leading global regulatory body of digital assets.

Problem 3.11: Asset Information Disparity

Informed investment decisions hinge on transparent and accurate asset information. However, RWA investors frequently face gaps in data, making it challenging to assess the true value and performance of tokenized assets accurately.

Weset Solution 3.11: Enhanced Transparency Through Blockchain

Weset’s blockchain-based platform enhances transparency. Investors have access to comprehensive information about tokenized assets, including their origin and associated metadata. This transparency empowers investors to make informed decisions. In addition to Weset’s transparency initiatives, third parties are invited to investigate all the public information on the blockchain and produce valuable market data.

Problem 3.12: Market Fragmentation

Owners of the NFTs could hedge against turbulent macroeconomic conditions and cryptocurrency market volatility by building a global portfolio of income-generating assets. The owners of the NFTs have the possibility of renting the use of the property, thus generating cash flow. With the liquidity and affordability offered by the WESET platform, owners can increase diversification, therefore diversifying revenue streams. NFTs backed by physical, cashflow-generating assets is an appealing option to global real estate players, as well as the crypto and NFT community. 

Weset Solution 3.12: Enhanced Interoperability

Weset promotes interoperability within the tokenization ecosystem. The Weset platform connects diverse asset classes, providing investors with opportunities for diversification. The Weset marketplace will provide a constantly-growing option of RWA tokens for primary and secondary market sales.

Problem 3.13: Lack of Liquidity

Liquidity issues plague some tokenized assets, resulting in difficulties when RWA investors wish to buy or sell their investments. These liquidity constraints can lead to extended holding periods and impede portfolio management.

Weset Solution 3.13: Liquidity Enhancement

Weset works to enhance liquidity for tokenized assets. Through the Weset platform, investors can access a liquid secondary market, allowing them to buy or sell their investments quickly and efficiently. This ensures that liquidity challenges do not hinder portfolio management. An automated market maker will further increase liquidity.

Technology and Infrastructure

Weset’s technology and infrastructure form the bedrock of our mission to create a secure, transparent, and trusted ecosystem for RWA tokenization. Weset has carefully designed and integrated cutting-edge technologies and blockchain networks to provide a seamless experience for asset owners and investors.

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) on Binance Smart Chain:

Weset operates on the Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain renowned for its scalability, interoperability, and low transaction costs. This choice of blockchain aligns with Weset’s commitment to delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Binance’s compatibility with Ethereum ensures that the platform seamlessly integrates with popular Ethereum-based tools and technologies, enhancing its versatility.

The Weset platform’s core functionality relies on the power of smart contracts, specifically ERC-1155, which serves as the foundation for asset tokenization. These smart contracts govern the creation, management, and transfer of digital assets representing real-world ownership, ensuring the security and integrity of every transaction within the ecosystem.

WithPaper: User-Friendly On-Ramp to the Digital Economy

At the heart of Weset’s technology stack lies “WithPaper,” a user-friendly solution designed to simplify the onboarding process and facilitate payment processing. WithPaper offers the following key components:

  • Fiat On-Ramp: WithPaper streamlines the conversion of traditional fiat currency into cryptocurrencies, allowing users to transition seamlessly into the world of digital assets.


  • Embedded Wallets: The platform’s embedded wallet system ensures secure storage and management of digital assets. It abstracts away the complexities of wallet management, providing a hassle-free experience for users while safeguarding their holdings.


  • Email Login: For web2 users, the Weset platform offer email-based login functionality, making the platform accessible to a broader audience and simplifying the registration process.


  • Credit Card Payment: WithPaper integration enables credit card payments for NFT purchases, simplifying the acquisition of digital assets and expanding the accessibility of the marketplace.


Building Trust Through Blockchain:

Blockchain technology serves as the cornerstone of Weset’s commitment to security, transparency, and trust. Here’s how blockchain ensures these vital aspects of the tokenization process:

  • Security: The decentralized nature of blockchain makes it highly resistant to tampering and fraud. Smart contracts, audited and verified on the Binance Smart Chain, provide secure and immutable transaction records. This extends to the custody of digital assets, ensuring that tokenized real-world assets remain protected within the ecosystem.
  • Transparency: Every transaction conducted on the Binance Smart Chain is recorded in a transparent and publicly accessible ledger. This transparency extends to asset ownership, enabling users to verify ownership records and transaction history easily. Weset embraces this transparency as a core principle, building trust among asset owners, investors, and the wider community. Weset’s public documentation contains all of our smart contracts are located, amongst other useful information.
  • Trust: Blockchain technology operates on consensus mechanisms that eliminate the need for intermediaries, fostering trust in the absence of centralized authority. The Weset platform’s adherence to regulatory standards, compliance certifications, and secure payment infrastructure further enhances trust among users.

The diagram above demonstrates how all the pieces come together to form the Weset ecosystem. BaaS 1155 contracts are created for all clients, producing unique collections tailored to each asset owner’s tokenomics. These collections are seamlessly connected to WithPaper, which provides smart contract deployment and management, web2 logins (custodial wallet generation), and credit card processing. This integration enables the minting of NFTs through credit card transactions, expanding accessibility and convenience. Additionally, 0xSplits is utilized to promote accountability and transparency for payouts, while Superfluid is poised to enhance advanced payouts and collateral management. Within Weset.app, two marketplace contracts operate: Weset.app contracts for Weset 1155 assets and BaaS 1155 contracts for client contracts. These marketplace contracts correspond to the BaaS contracts at the bottom, serving as representations. All assets are available for purchase on the weset.app marketplace and within custom pages dedicated to each client.

In summary, Weset’s technology and infrastructure are meticulously crafted to provide a secure, transparent, and trusted ecosystem for real-world asset tokenization. Through Weset’s strategic integration with the Binance Smart Chain and WithPaper,  asset owners, investors, and users are empowered to confidently participate in the digital fractional economy at a global scale.

Services and Offerings: Empowering Asset Owners and NFT Holders

Weset’s mission is to empower both asset owners and NFT holders within the digital asset ecosystem. Weset provides a diverse range of services and offerings tailored to the unique needs and perspectives of these two key stakeholders. Weset’s commitment to excellence, scalability, and innovation drives our vision for a more inclusive and accessible digital economy.

Services and Offerings for Asset Owners (Tokenizers):

Custom Web3 Pages and Collections:

At the core of Weset’s services for asset owners is the art of customization. Weset creates custom Web3 pages and collections that align with our clients’ branding and specific requirements. These unique digital showcases breathe new life into traditional assets, making them more visible and appealing to a global audience.

Benefits for Asset Owners:

  • Personalized Branding: Weset’s custom Web3 pages and collections carry your branding, establishing a distinct online presence aligned with your vision.

  • Engaging User Experience: Weset prioritize use and community engagement, crafting immersive and interactive experiences to captivate audiences and generate interest in tokenized assets.

  • Global Reach: Weset’s Web3 pages and collections transcend geographical boundaries, extending the reach of your assets to a diverse pool of potential investors.

Custom Dashboards:

Beyond tokenization, Weset offers custom dashboard solutions that empower token issuers to manage relationships, communications, and payouts with their valued token holders. These dashboards serve as a vital bridge between asset owners and their communities, fostering trust, engagement, and long-term success.

Benefits for Asset Owners:

  • Streamlined Asset Management: Weset’s custom client dashboards simplify asset management, providing intuitive interfaces for efficient communication, transaction tracking, and community building.


  • Enhanced User Experience: Prioritizing user experience ensures that both asset owners and token holders can navigate the dashboard seamlessly, building stronger connections and fostering more significant engagement.

The Weset Legal Advantage through El Salvador:

Weset sets the gold standard in legal compliance and regulatory backing. The platform operates within the regulatory framework of El Salvador’s Digital Asset Issuance Law, ensuring robust legal protection and credibility for asset owners and token issuers. All Weset collections are launched with this license. This regulatory clarity instills confidence in investment decisions, knowing that assets are registered securities with a sovereign government and central bank, enabling international sales.

  • Benefits for Asset Owners:

    • Legal Compliance and Sovereign Backing: Operate with peace of mind, knowing that your asset tokenization is supported by the regulatory approval of The National Commission of Digital Assets of El Salvador, ensuring a stable legal framework and investor protection.

    • International Reach: Regulatory approval allows token collections launched through Weset to be sold internationally (with some conditions), expanding investment horizons and bolstering asset value.

The Weset Marketplace:

Within the Weset ecosystem, the platform provides a dedicated marketplace where tokenized assets, including those created on our platform and custom Web3 pages, are made available to a global audience. This marketplace enhances asset visibility and accessibility, making it a pivotal component of the digital asset journey.

  • Benefits for Asset Owners:

    • Global Exposure: The Weset Marketplace ensures that tokenized assets reach a broad and diverse audience, increasing their chances of being discovered and invested in.

    • Liquidity and Accessibility: The marketplace introduces liquidity to asset owners, allowing them to access capital while retaining ownership, facilitating flexibility in financial decisions.

Web2 and Web3 Login – Bridging the Gap for a Global Audience:

Weset’s inclusive approach extends to both Web2 and Web3 users, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrency, can participate in the asset tokenization ecosystem. The Weset platform offers multiple login options, including email login for Web2 users and Web3 login through WithPaper for crypto enthusiasts, supporting various wallets. This bridges the gap between traditional and blockchain-based finance, catering to a wide spectrum of users.

  • Benefits for Asset Owners:
    • Accessibility for All: The Weset platform ensures that users worldwide, whether they are well-versed in crypto and new to the digital asset landscape or not, can seamlessly access and participate in asset tokenization.


    • Global Investment Reach: By providing diverse login options, Weset empowers asset owners to tap into a global audience, expanding investment horizons and attracting a broader range of potential investors.

Crypto and Fiat Payments – Universal Accessibility:

Flexibility is at the heart of asset tokenization, and Weset ensures that accessibility is universal. The Weset platform offers versatile payment options, accommodating both cryptocurrency payments for crypto-savvy users and the convenience of fiat payments through credit cards for those who prefer legacy financial methods. This dual approach allows users to choose their preferred or available payment methods for tokenized asset purchases, making it accessible to a global audience.

  • Benefits for Asset Owners:
    • Payment Freedom: Weset’s platform caters to users with varying payment preferences, ensuring that they can transact with ease and convenience.


    • Worldwide Investment: The availability of multiple payment methods facilitates worldwide investment opportunities, enabling asset owners to engage with a diverse and international investor base.

Utility Tokens, Security Tokens, or Hybrid Combinations:

  • 1. Passive Income Tokens:
    • Definition: Passive Income tokens represent a claim to the future value generation of the underlying asset. They provide investors with certain rights, such as profit-sharing, dividends, revenue percentage, or proceeds from sale. Weset enables the creation of security tokens, allowing asset owners to tokenize their real-world assets, such as real estate or artwork, and offer ownership rights to investors. This aligns with regulatory compliance and ensures transparency through blockchain technology.
  • 2. Utility Tokens:
    • Definition: Utility tokens serve as access keys to specific products, services, or features within a platform or ecosystem. They are not designed for investment or profit-sharing but for facilitating transactions and interactions and providing tangible usage or benefit of the asset.
  • 3. Equity Tokens:
    • Definition: Equity tokens are a subset of security tokens that represent ownership in a company or project. They entitle token holders to a share of the company’s profits or assets, similar to traditional equity shares.

  • 4. Hybrid Tokens:
    • Definition: Hybrid tokens combine characteristics of both security and utility tokens. They offer ownership rights and access to specific platform functionalities. Hybrid tokens provide flexibility and can adapt to various business models.
    • Benefits for Asset Owners:
      • Customization: Clients can tailor their token offerings to suit their specific needs, as well as those of their communities. Whether it’s enhancing user engagement with utility tokens or introducing the benefits of asset ownership with security tokens.


      • Technical Expertise: The Weset team of blockchain experts and developers possesses the technical proficiency to design and deploy tokens securely and efficiently, ensuring compliance and reliability.

Tokenize Any Asset:

Weset offers the ability to tokenize a wide range of assets, enabling clients to transform tangible holdings into digital tokens. This versatility allows asset owners to unlock liquidity, expand their reach, and tap into a global community of investors.

  • Benefits for Asset Owners:
    •  Asset Flexibility: Weset’s platform accommodates the tokenization of various assets, from real estate and vehicles to art and more, providing asset owners with a diverse range of opportunities.

    • Capital Access: Tokenization allows asset owners to access capital swiftly, enhancing financial flexibility and enabling them to explore new investment prospects.


As Weset collaborates with an array of clients, we accumulate a portfolio of templates, custom frameworks, and Web3 pages. This catalog of resources enhances scalability for future projects, expediting the creation of custom collections and Web3 pages for new clients. As Weset builds out the user experience, we will capture the value added and exponentially accelerate its potential through automation and AI.

  • Benefits for Asset Owners:
    • Efficiency: Weset’s growing repository of templates streamlines the process of building custom collections and Web3 pages, reducing project timelines and enhancing efficiency. AI can help build their smart contracts and optimize their tokenomics and applications.

      Through these comprehensive service offerings, Weset empowers asset owners to embark on a transformative journey into the world of digital assets, providing the tools and support needed to navigate the digital economy with confidence and success.

Services and Offerings for NFT Holders (Purchasers):

NFT holders play a pivotal role in the Weset ecosystem, benefiting from the services and offerings in various ways:

Access to a Diverse Marketplace:
  • NFT holders gain access to a diverse marketplace featuring a wide range of tokenized assets, including real estate, art, vehicles, and more. This enables them to explore unique investment opportunities and diversify their portfolios.
Secure and Transparent Transactions:
  • Weset ensures secure and transparent transactions for NFT holders by leveraging blockchain technology. Every transaction is recorded on a public ledger, providing verifiable ownership and transaction history
Payment Flexibility:
  • NFT holders can purchase tokenized assets using various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies and credit cards. This flexibility allows them to transact with ease and convenience.
Engaging User Experience:
  • Weset prioritizes user experience for NFT holders, offering intuitive interfaces and interactive features within the marketplace. This enhances the overall engagement and satisfaction.
Global Investment Opportunities:
  • NFT holders have the opportunity to invest in assets from around the world, breaking down geographical barriers and expanding their investment horizons.

By considering the perspectives of both asset owners and NFT holders, Weset creates a thriving ecosystem that benefits all participants, fostering innovation, accessibility, and inclusivity within the digital asset space.

Custom Web3 Page

Custom pages and collections for clients


Build inventory of templates


1% commissions for sales on client page + Weset marketplace


$200 per month, per collection, for client and token-holder

→ 10% of profits returned to token holders.

Asset Tokenization Process

Weset is pioneering the seamless transition of tangible assets into digital tokens, opening new frontiers for asset owners to unlock the full potential of their holdings. Weset’s comprehensive asset tokenization process is designed to empower asset owners while ensuring regulatory compliance and security at every step. Below is an overview of the Weset asset tokenization journey:

Asset Onboarding and Verification:

  •  Asset owners bring their diverse range of assets to Weset, which can include real estate, art, precious stones, carbon credits, and more.
  • The verification process begins, confirming ownership and initiating Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. 

Asset Valuation and Tokenomics Creation:

  • Weset conducts thorough asset valuation, which includes auditing, understanding the asset’s market, and assessing the business model.
  • The outcome is the creation of a tailored tokenomics plan that benefits both the asset owner and their community of investors.

Smart Contract Development:

  • Based on the tokenomics plan, Weset’s expert team develops smart contracts on the blockchain.
  • These smart contracts facilitate the issuance and management of digital tokens, ensuring transparency and security.

Approval from El Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador:

  • While smart contracts are under development, Weset initiates the approval process from the El Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador (process is underway)
  • This regulatory approval ensures a stable legal framework for the asset tokenization project.

Custom Web3 Pages and Dashboards:

  • Simultaneously, Weset designs and builds custom Web3 pages and dashboards.
  • These pages are crafted based on branding packages and client-specific requirements, enhancing the visibility and appeal of tokenized assets.

Token Release on Custom Web3 Pages and the Weset Marketplace:

  • Once approved, the collections are launched on the custom Web3 pages, allowing users to purchase them with cryptocurrencies or credit cards.
  • The tokens are also made available on the Weset Marketplace, expanding their accessibility to a broader audience.

Ongoing Asset Management:

  • Asset management becomes an ongoing process that spans the lifetime of the tokenized asset, which can vary from a few years to several decades.
  • Weset provides comprehensive dashboards for asset owners to manage payouts and maintain investor relations with their community.

Through this efficiently structured and technically sound asset tokenization process, Weset empowers asset owners to transform their illiquid holdings into liquid digital assets, providing investors with opportunities for diversification and unique opportunities. Regulatory compliance, transparency, and a robust legal framework in El Salvador’s Licencia de Proveedor de Servicios Bitcoin (licensing process is underway) are foundational elements that instill trust in the asset tokenization ecosystem. Following this process ensures a quality product that generates value for asset owners and their communities for decades.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Weset is committed to maintaining the highest standards of legal and regulatory compliance in the tokenization of real-world assets. Weset has and continues to take significant steps to ensure that our clients and token holders benefit from a secure and compliant environment. This includes receiving the Bitcoin Services Provider Registry with the Central Bank Reserve of El Salvador and applying for the Digital Assets Services Provider License (license in process).

Weset's Endorsement by the Central Bank Reserve of El Salvador:

Weset’s journey towards compliance has already resulted in the successful acquisition of the Bitcoin Services Provider Registry with the Central Bank Reserve of El Salvador. This registry validates our legitimacy, transparency, and commitment to leading compliance and regulation at a global level.

El Salvador's Robust Regulatory Framework:

Tokens issued through Weset are recognized as El Salvadoran products, subject to the country’s stringent regulatory framework. When investors acquire NFTs through the Weset platform, they’re not just purchasing digital assets; they’re investing in products backed by a comprehensive legal framework and robust regulatory oversight.

Why This is Crucial:

  • Enhanced Value and Security: The Regulator’s meticulous due diligence process, encompassing legal documentation, compliance assessments, technical audits, and KYC procedures, guarantees that tokenized projects adhere to the highest standards of legality and authenticity.
  • Investor Trust: Investors who acquire these tokens gain trust in the legitimacy of the projects and the security of their investments, fostering a sense of confidence in the ecosystem.
  • Global Reach: Recognition by El Salvador’s regulatory authority opens doors to global markets. Clients can confidently market their tokenized assets as products endorsed by a prominent global entity in the digital assets arena, amplifying their visibility and credibility on an international scale.

The Tokenization Journey:

With the assurance of regulatory compliance and legitimacy, asset owners can confidently embark on their tokenization journey, navigating each stage with Weset’s expert guidance:

  • Collaboration with Weset: Asset owners partner with Weset to navigate the intricacies of the regulatory landscape, capitalizing on our extensive experience and guidance.
  • Client Documentation: To initiate the process, Weset diligently collects all necessary documentation from the asset owner, a pivotal step in ensuring full compliance.
  • Regulatory Submission: Following meticulous due diligence, Weset compiles the requisite documents and submits them to The Regulator. This comprehensive submission encompasses disclosing the asset’s particulars, the proposed offering, and the overarching compliance framework.
  • The Regulator’s Due Diligence: The Regulator conducts an exhaustive review of these documents, which includes proof of ownership, KYC information, tokenomics, and smart contract assessments.
  • Unparalleled Regulatory Approval: Approved clients and their collections are formally launched through Weset’s license (license in process), providing them with legal certainty and the highest level of regulatory validation, acknowledged on a global scale.

Bitcoin Services Provider Registry:

In addition to Weset’s Digital Assets Services Provider license (license in process), Weset proudly holds the esteemed status of a Bitcoin Services Provider Registry with the Central Bank Reserve of El Salvador. This dual recognition further reinforces Weset’s commitment to managing cryptocurrency responsibly and within the bounds of the law on behalf of our clients. The Bitcoin Law imposes new financial compliance regulations on Bitcoin service providers, which reflect those applicable to traditional financial institutions. These regulations include stringent anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing measures, cybersecurity protocols, client asset protection, and comprehensive record-keeping. Weset’s status as a Bitcoin Services Provider signifies our unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of financial compliance and security in the realm of cryptocurrency.

A Commitment to Global Compliance Leadership in RWA Tokenization:

By combining the Digital Assets Service Provider licenses (license in process) and Bitcoin Services Provider status, Weset establishes itself as a paragon of security and compliance within the digital asset realm. These dual licenses exemplify Weset’s unwavering dedication to becoming global leaders in regulatory compliance, particularly in the burgeoning realm of RWA tokenization. Weset’s clients can rest assured that their assets are managed under the most stringent legal and regulatory standards, fostering trust, credibility, and a truly global reach. As Weset navigates the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency in El Salvador, we remain committed to providing a secure, compliant, and globally accessible sandbox for asset owners to unearth the boundless value of their real-world assets.

$WECO: Backed by Real World Assets (RWAs)

At the core of the Weset ecosystem lies Wecoin ($WECO), a versatile and multifunctional cryptocurrency token meticulously designed to enhance and enrich the experiences of users and stakeholders alike. More than just a digital currency, $WECO serves as a pivotal component within the Weset comprehensive ecosystem.

What sets $WECO apart is its ultimate backing by RWAs. As participants engage with the Weset platform, they gain access to a diverse range of tangible assets. These RWAs not only enhance the utility of $WECO but also provide intrinsic value, making it a digital token rooted in the physical world.


The Foundation of $WECO: Values and Purpose

You’re right; I should maintain consistency with the writing style used in the rest of the white paper. Here’s the paragraph with adjustments:

Investing in $WECO: A Digital Stock with Dividend Rewards

Investing in $WECO isn’t just about owning a cryptocurrency; it’s akin to holding shares in a dynamic digital ecosystem. Weset proudly shares 10% of its profits with its valued $WECO holders, effectively transforming the token into a digital stock that pays dividends. Participation in Weset represents not only an investment in the future but also a direct path to reaping the rewards of collective achievements.

$WECO embodies the following fundamental values:

  • Accessibility: $WECO is designed to empower a broad spectrum of users, providing access to exclusive offers, discounted property bookings, enhanced rewards, and staking opportunities. This inclusivity ensures that participants at all levels can engage with and benefit from the Weset ecosystem.

  • Governance: $WECO is more than just a token; it represents a voice within our community. Token holders are granted governance power, enabling decentralized decision-making and active participation in shaping the platform’s direction and development.

  • Community Building: The versatility of $WECO fosters a vibrant and engaging community of value-driven interactions. Users can unlock exclusive benefits such as discounts, extra payouts, property rentals, and access to unique offers, creating a network that thrives on meaningful connections.

The Future of $WECO: Possibilities Unveiled

As we look ahead, the potential applications of $WECO within the Weset ecosystem are vast and continuously evolving. Some of the exciting possibilities on the horizon include:

  • Automated Market Maker (AMM) for NFTs: Weset aspires to introduce an AMM that facilitates the sale of NFTs, where $WECO will play a crucial role as a liquidity pair. This development will enhance the NFT marketplace within the Weset ecosystem, offering new avenues for NFT creators and collectors.


  • Rental Market with $WECO Discounts: $WECO users will enjoy exclusive discounts within the NFT rental market. Whether it’s booking a vacation home or exploring other rental opportunities, $WECO holders will have the advantage of preferential rates or benefits.


  • Staking Rewards: Weset is a long-term project and is keen to reward long-term holders with rewards and bonuses. Staking $WECO not only grants access to discounts, rewards, and exclusive offers but also plays a vital role in the deflationary mechanism.


  • Discounts and Promotions for Holders and $WECO Payments: Holders of $WECO will benefit from exclusive discounts and promotions within the Weset ecosystem. Additionally, $WECO payments will become a widely accepted method for transactions, further increasing its utility and value.

The Journey Thus Far: Commitment to Security and Integrity

$WECO operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is traded on Pancake Swap, a decentralized exchange. Security and transparency are paramount, and to underline Weset’s commitment to these principles, $WECO has undergone a rigorous audit conducted by Certik, an industry leader in blockchain security. The audit has garnered impressive scores, reinforcing the trustworthiness of $WECO. https://skynet.certik.com/projects/weset-io

Supercharging the Growth of the Ecosystem

In line with Weset’s commitment to responsible growth, from time to time, Weset may strategically utilize some holdings to fund project development and further advance the Weset ecosystem. $WECO is a long-term asset, standing as a testament to Weset’s dedication to building a secure, sustainable, and value-driven environment.

Security, Trust, and Transparency

Weset’s commitment to building a secure and trustworthy ecosystem ensures that users can engage with confidence, knowing their assets and investments are protected.

Security Measures

Weset prioritizes the safety of our users and their digital assets. To achieve this, Weset employs a multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity and risk management: 

Blockchain Scanners:

The Weset platform utilizes advanced blockchain scanning tools and services that continuously monitor and analyze on-chain activities in real-time. These scanners are seamlessly integrated into Weset’s infrastructure, allowing us to closely track transactions, smart contract interactions, and token movements. By doing so, Weset can proactively detect unusual patterns, anomalies, or potential security threats within the blockchain.

Vercel Hosting:

To maintain the integrity of our frontend and backend components, Weset has partnered with Vercel, a leading hosting service that proactively identifies issues in deployed components. Vercel provides us with detailed error logs and notifications, enabling swift responses and troubleshooting of any potential problems.

Web3 Security and Community Management

In the realm of Web3, security takes on a unique dimension. While blockchain technology itself presents inherent security advantages, the focus of Weset shifts to mitigating social hacking risks, including fake accounts, groups, phishing, and fraudulent airdrops.

Mitigating Social Hacking:

  • Expert Community Management:
    • Weset maintains a team of experienced community managers, administrators, and moderators who diligently monitor user interactions. They are trained to recognize and promptly respond to suspicious behavior.

  • Verification System:
    •  Weset implements a verification system to authenticate official accounts and channels, helping users identify genuine Weset platforms and reducing the risk of scams.

  • Swift Response:
    • The Weset team is well-equipped to address suspicious activities, educate users about potential risks, and guide them on Web3 security best practices. This proactive approach enhances trust and security within the ecosystem.

  • Enforcement of Standards:
    • Weset maintains the authority to blacklist any wallet, credit card, or Web2 account that breaches our community standards or violates legal regulations, further safeguarding the platform and its users.

Transparency and Trust

We understand that transparency is paramount in building trust within the digital asset ecosystem. Weset is committed to providing a transparent and accountable environment for all participants:

  • Blockchain Ledger:
    • The blockchain serves as an electronic ledger, enabling Weset and all participants to maintain a precise and auditable record of all transactions and activities. This ensures transparency and accountability throughout the platform.

  • Fee Transparency:
    • All transactions on Weset occur rapidly and transparently, with no hidden fees, ensuring users can engage with confidence.

  • Comprehensive Asset Information:
    • Weset offers clear, precise information on tokenized NFTs and digital assets. This includes comprehensive details about underlying assets, their origin, and associated metadata. Users have access to this data on Weset marketplaces and dashboards, empowering them to make informed investment decisions.

Accurate and Fair Information

Weset is dedicated to providing users with accurate and unbiased information:

  • Real-Time Transaction Monitoring:
    • The Weset infrastructure scans all transactions in real-time, providing users with accurate and up-to-date information on dashboards and marketplaces. Users can access historical data, aggregate information, recent transactions, and more to ensure they receive genuine information.


  • Transaction Bundling:
    • Weset users send their transactions to an MEV-relay, which bundles multiple transactions and sends them directly to participating miners. This method reduces the visibility of individual transactions in the public mempool, making it challenging for front-runners to target them.

  • Flashbots Solution:
    • Weset employs the Flashbots solution, a leading MEV (Miner Extractable Value) mitigation organization. This marketplace allows traders to submit bundled transactions directly to miners, bypassing the public mempool. This approach increases the difficulty of front-running attempts.

  • Fair Transaction Ordering:
    • Weset explores solutions that introduce randomness or deterministic fairness in transaction ordering. These approaches make it harder to predict and, consequently, deter front-running activities.

    • In conclusion, the security, trust, and transparency measures outlined in this chapter underscore Weset’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding user assets, maintaining transparency, and fostering a trustworthy environment. These initiatives ensure that Weset users can engage with confidence, knowing they are stakeholders and shareholders in a secure and reliable ecosystem.

A limitless future led by Weseters

The Weset journey towards a more scalable, transparent, and liquid ecosystem is driven by our steadfast commitment to our valued stakeholders. It’s the $WECO holders, NFT owners, and asset owner who hold the key to unlocking our shared future vision. As active participants and shareholders, their influence extends far beyond transactions. Together, we envision a future where technology empowers asset owners and investors with unprecedented efficiency and trust. Here are some areas that Weset has identified as key drivers for a continuously thriving ecosystem:

Scaling with AI:

Today, our approach involves hands-on creation of web3 sites and collections and collaborative business planning with clients. However, we are committed to achieving scalability through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Once our suite of templates and successful collections is established, we’ll employ AI to make the tokenization process as straightforward as becoming an Airbnb host. AI will actively engage with asset owners to tailor the ideal tokenization model, incorporating their business strategy, objectives, and community requirements. Smart contracts will be infused with AI, and AI templates will construct web pages. Our platform will also guide asset owners through application processes with regulatory authorities, automating the entire journey by adapting to the unique nature of their assets, tokenization models, geographic location, and the documents required.

Promoting Transparency with Oracles:

Oracles are pivotal in Weset’s journey towards a more transparent ecosystem. These trusted data sources have a multifaceted role in ensuring accountability and fostering investor confidence. Beyond verifying proof of reserves, oracles offer various applications:

Oracles verify revenue, asset valuations, and regulatory compliance, aligning reported data with reliable sources. They also provide insights into asset performance metrics, environmental and social impact, and real-time market analytics. These applications collectively contribute to increased transparency, trust, and accountability, strengthening our commitment to a secure and credible asset tokenization environment.

Amplifying Liquidity:

As we expand our collection and network, liquidity will flourish. This organic growth benefits both Weset and our community members through the network effect. To maximize options, we aim to provide various avenues for buying and selling, such as automated market makers, peer-to-peer sales, and auctions. The possibilities are limitless, giving every participant the flexibility to engage with our platform in a way that suits their unique needs.

Leading in Compliance:

Upholding the highest standards of compliance and regulation on a global scale is integral to our future vision. Weset aspires to be a trailblazer in navigating the complex legal landscape. By proactively embracing international regulatory standards, we intend to set a precedent for trust and credibility not only within Weset but across the entire tokenization industry.

Our future vision encompasses building an ecosystem that empowers asset owners, investors, and communities. We invite you to be part of this journey into a future where innovation knows no bounds and the blockchain revolutionizes real-world asset tokenization.