Tokenization Questionnaire

Congratulations on embarking on an exciting adventure with Weset! We’re thrilled to accompany you on your journey to tokenize your assets and unlock new possibilities. 

This questionnaire is your first step towards transforming your tangible assets into digital tokens, opening doors to global markets, fractional ownership, and so much more. It’s designed to help us understand your unique needs and tailor our guidance to ensure your success. 

Think of this as the beginning of a thrilling voyage, where we’ll work hand in hand to navigate the exciting world of tokenization. Let’s dive in!

Briefly describe your project(s) that you're considering tokenizing. What are your goals with this project? Share links.
How does your project generate income? For instance, is it based on sales, rentals, memberships, or something else?
Describe your current marketing and sales strategies and channels.
Please describe your initial thoughts and ideas regarding how you envision tokenizing your asset.
Are there any specific concerns or uncertainties you have about the tokenization process that you'd like to address?