Welcome to Weset’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Here, we aim to provide you with comprehensive answers to common queries about our platform and the tokenization of real-world assets. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance.

Table of Contents

General Questions

1. What is Weset, and what services do you offer?

Weset is a leading platform specializing in the tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs) using blockchain technology. We offer a suite of services to assist asset owners in the process of tokenizing their assets, making them accessible to a global audience.

2. What are the benefits of tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs)?

Tokenizing RWAs offers a multitude of benefits, including increased liquidity, fractional ownership opportunities, global accessibility, transparency, and the potential for passive income through dividends or rental income.

3. What types of assets can be tokenized with Weset?

Weset has the capability to tokenize a wide range of assets, including but not limited to real estate properties, artwork, collectibles, businesses, and more. The key requirement is that the asset possesses tangible, real-world value.

4. What sets Weset apart from other tokenization platforms?

Weset distinguishes itself through its comprehensive services, stringent regulatory compliance, and a strong focus on user-friendliness. We guide you through the entire tokenization process, ensuring security, transparency, and ease of asset management.

5. What legal and taxation considerations should I be aware of as an asset owner?

Tokenizing your asset involves financial transactions, and as such, it is essential to consult with your local tax advisors or representatives to gain a clear understanding of the legal and taxation implications specific to your situation.

6. How does Weset ensure the security of user data and digital assets?

Weset prioritizes the security of user data and digital assets through several mechanisms. We employ industry-standard encryption and data protection practices to safeguard user information. Additionally, digital assets are stored securely using advanced blockchain technology, ensuring resistance to tampering or unauthorized access. Weset complies with regulatory frameworks to protect user interests and employs third-party security audits to continually monitor and improve our security measures.

Tokenization Process

7. How does the tokenization process work with Weset?

The tokenization process with Weset involves several steps, including identifying the asset, consultation with our experts, ownership verification, smart contract development, regulatory approval, custom dashboard creation, and the web3 launch. We also provide ongoing asset management support to optimize your investment. More information can be found here.

8. What is the difference between security tokens and utility tokens?

Security tokens represent ownership and financial stakes in an asset, while utility tokens provide access to specific amenities or services within an asset. Hybrid tokens combine elements of both, offering versatility in tokenization.

9. How can I tokenize my property with Weset, and what are my options?

Tokenizing your property with Weset is a customizable process. You can select the token type (security, utility, or hybrid), tailor contract terms, tokenize usage, benefits, or returns, and ensure regulatory compliance through Weset’s licensed operations. The process begins with providing Weset with basic project information and then a call is set up to go over opportunities. Please begin here.

10. How does Weset ensure legal compliance, especially in regions with evolving blockchain and tokenization laws?

Weset operates in El Salvador under a digital securities license, ensuring that your tokenization adheres to legal standards and offers transparency and trust to your investors, even in regions with evolving blockchain and tokenization laws. More information can be found here.

11. What are the costs associated with tokenization on Weset?

The costs associated with tokenizing your asset on Weset are structured to be transparent, competitive, and reflective of the value we provide throughout the tokenization journey. These costs include a free consultation, a one-time work fee, a monthly dashboard fee (optional), a 1% commission on NFT sales, and nominal blockchain transaction fees. We believe in providing clear and competitive pricing to our clients, ensuring that the benefits of asset tokenization far outweigh the associated expenses.

12. How long does the tokenization process take?

The duration of the tokenization process can vary depending on the complexity of the asset and the regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction where it is located. Generally, the process can take a few weeks to a few months. Weset’s team works closely with asset owners to expedite the process and provide clear timelines for each step, ensuring a smooth experience.

13. Can I tokenize assets that are located outside of El Salvador?

Yes, Weset’s services are not limited to assets within El Salvador. We can assist asset owners from various regions in tokenizing their assets. However, the platform operates under the regulatory framework of El Salvador, which ensures transparency and legality in the tokenization process.

14, Are there any restrictions on the type or location of assets that can be tokenized with Weset?

While Weset offers flexibility in the types of assets that can be tokenized, the key requirement is that the asset possesses tangible, real-world value. The platform is open to tokenizing various asset classes, including real estate properties, artwork, collectibles, and businesses. Asset owners from different regions can leverage Weset’s services, provided they adhere to the legal and regulatory standards set by the platform.

NFTs and Asset Management

15. How can I purchase NFTs for tokenized real-world assets on Weset?

Purchasing NFTs for tokenized real-world assets on Weset is a straightforward process. Simply visit the Weset.app marketplace, choose the asset that interests you, connect your wallet (Web2 or Web3), select your preferred payment method (cryptocurrency or credit card), and follow the step-by-step instructions for a seamless purchase experience. NFTs can also be purchased directly from the web3 site of each collection vendor.

16. What happens after I purchase my NFT?

After your purchase is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation and be seamlessly redirected to your user dashboard. Within minutes, your NFT will be minted and added to your dashboard, where you can access all relevant information and updates. After purchase, just login/connect and go to your dashboard.

17. What are the benefits of owning NFTs for tokenized real-world assets?

NFT holders on Weset enjoy a multitude of advantages. Beyond being a means of investment, they can acquire utility tokens that provide direct access and usage rights to a diverse range of real-world assets. These tokens offer an affordable and accessible entry point, often starting as low as $75. Additionally, they are highly liquid, tradable on various marketplaces, enabling individuals from across the globe to conveniently invest in, utilize, and benefit from a wide array of assets. This accessibility, versatility, and absence of intermediaries make it an ideal platform for users seeking an affordable and seamless way to access, use, and invest in assets globally.

18. How can I earn passive income as an NFT holder?

Earning passive income as an NFT holder on the Weset platform couldn’t be simpler. The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger. There’s no need to log in regularly or go through the hassle of claiming your earnings. Instead, like clockwork, your passive income will be automatically sent directly to your wallet. It’s as effortless as it gets – just be the proud holder of the asset, and everything else happens seamlessly. Enjoy your hassle-free earnings!

19. How can I trade or sell my NFTs on the Weset marketplace?

Currently, the Weset platform doesn’t have a secondary marketplace for trading or selling assets. To sell your assets, the option available is peer-to-peer exchanges. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and ensure trust when engaging in peer-to-peer transactions. Alternatively, you can explore other secondary markets like OpenSea for potential sales. Looking ahead, in our 2024 roadmap, we plan to introduce dedicated marketplaces. These additions are designed to enhance the liquidity of Weset NFTs and ensure seamless trading experiences, continuously benefiting our community and token holders. Stay tuned for exciting developments!

20. What happens if an NFT holder loses access to their wallet?

Weset recognizes the importance of wallet security. If an NFT holder loses access to their wallet, they can follow a recovery process. This is why we offer web2 login through email accounts. As long as you can access your email, you can access your NFTs. If access to the email is lost, our service provider, Thirdweb, may provide a recovery process.

IT Building Investment

21. What makes IT Building a good investment?

Invest in IT Building NFTs and unlock a world of elite tropical real estate. This prime property, nestled in Playa del Carmen, offers a unique opportunity to own a slice of paradise. Located just moments from the pristine beach and La Quinta Avenida, IT Building stands as a premium vacation destination, promising an exceptional experience for global visitors. Its luxurious accommodations and state-of-the-art amenities make it a compelling investment prospect. Backed by an experienced builder with over 15 years in the industry and international accolades, investing in IT Building provides a secure opportunity in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. With Weset as your property manager, rest assured in our exceptional track record: a 4.91-star rating, 95%+ occupancy, and superhost status, guaranteeing top-notch care and returns on your investment. Tokens can be purchased with $WECO, BUSD (BNB Chain or credit card).

22. What are the expected returns on IT Building NFT investments?

The 5-year expected return on your IT Building NFT investment is an impressive 100%. You’ll enjoy an annual dividend yield of 14.4%, equivalent to 72% over the 5-year period. Currently priced at just $75, these tokens offer an affordable entry point. The projected ROI after 5 years is estimated at 100%, consisting of $97 per token from the asset sale and $54 from 60 monthly payments of $0.9 each. Combined, this totals over 100% ROI on a $75 token. Don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity to invest in IT Building NFTs. This is all passive income.

Regulatory Compliance and Security

23. Is my investment in IT Building NFTs secure and regulated?

Yes, Weset operates with a digital securities license in El Salvador, providing a secure and regulated environment for your investment. Weset’s licenses with El Salvador’s regulatory authority, The National Commission of Digital Assets (The Commission) sets the stage for a robust tokenization process. The Commission conducts a thorough review of these documents, which include proof of ownership, KYC information, tokenomics, and smart contracts. This multi-level assessment adds tremendous value and security to the tokenization process. Upon successful due diligence, The Commission grants Weset the authority to issue tokens and collections on behalf of our clients. This authorization is a testament to the legitimacy and compliance of the projects we support.

Additional Information

24. What payment methods are accepted for purchasing IT Building NFTs?

You can purchase IT Building NFTs using $WECO (Weset’s coin), BUSD (BNB Chain) or credit card, offering multiple convenient payment options.

25. Is there a minimum or maximum limit for purchasing IT Building NFTs?

While there is no strict minimum limit, ensure your wallet balance covers the NFT cost and transaction fees. Maximum limits may vary based on individual circumstances.

26. Can I purchase NFTs from anywhere in the world?

Yes, IT Building NFTs are available for purchase globally, providing an opportunity for investors worldwide to own a piece of elite tropical real estate.

27. What happens if I decide to sell my IT Building NFT before the 5-year period?

At present, Weset doesn’t have a secondary marketplace. To sell your NFT early, consider peer-to-peer transactions or explore external secondary markets like OpenSea.

28. Are there any tax implications associated with owning IT Building NFTs?

Tax implications can vary by jurisdiction. It’s advisable to consult with a tax professional to understand any potential tax obligations related to owning IT Building NFTs.

29. What kind of updates or communications can I expect as an IT Building NFT holder?

IT Building NFT holders can expect regular updates on property performance, occupancy rates, and other relevant information through email or their Weset dashboard.